Sunday, December 21, 2008

Use of Biofuel for Powerplants

In order to accelerate the use of biofuel, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources have issued Ministerial Decree No. 32/2008 regarding the supply, use, and sale of Biofuel as an alternative form of energy. One example of this ministerial decree is the regulation on mandatory use of biofuel in the transportation, industry, commercial, and power sector until 2025, which is to be carried out in several phases. For powerplants, these phases include the use of biodiesel amounting to 20% and biofuel amounting to 10% towards the total needs of powerplants.

The Department of Energy and Mineral Resources through its Directorate General for Electricity and Energy Usage, in coordination with Neaue Maschinbeau Halberstadt GmBH (NMBH) have completed the converter installation needed for biofuel conversion of a 10 MW Diesel Power Plant powerplant in Riau. NMBH is a German private company which has carried out intensive research for conversion development and biofuel powerplant.

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